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Indoor Air Quality

Air quality testing is crucial, especially when there's suspicion or evidence of asbestos contamination or disturbance. Such situations not only pose immediate health risks but can also lead to long-term health complications. It's imperative to address these concerns promptly and accurately to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.

Points to Consider

  • Experiencing allergies or respiratory issues could indicate potential asbestos exposure
  • Unknown leaks or damages in building materials are detected, signaling a possible asbestos release
  • Periodic testing is essential in older buildings or those with suspected asbestos-containing materials for ongoing safety and regulatory compliance

Asbestos Inspections

Historically, asbestos fibers have been added to thousands of products used to construct buildings and homes. Unfortunately, we now know that asbestos is a human carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). During the early 1980s, federal and state regulations were put into place for public safety. Currently, asbestos inspections are mandated by US EPA, Cal OSHA, local air quality management districts (AQMD), and local permitting agencies.

New Inspection Requirements

  • Before the demolition of a building
  • The procurement of the “J” number permit
  • Before the renovation of a building
  • Building Information/knowledge for daily use and maintenance
  • During the due diligence phase of real estate transactions

Lead-Paint Inspections

Homes, buildings, and painted structures often contain lead-based paint. Deterioration, peeling, flaking, or other activities that disturb paint can produce lead hazards that can damage the central nervous system and cause serious damage to many other human organs. Children and pregnant women are most susceptible to lead hazards. Lead paint inspections are mandated by the US EPA, Cal OSHA, CDPH, HUD, and local agencies.


  • Before demolition/renovation of a building
  • When assessing the presence of lead hazards in child-occupied facilities
  • During real estate transactions for due diligence
  • When complying with HUD requirements
  • When establishing building information/ knowledge for daily use and maintenance

Mold Inspections

Mold can be found anywhere excess moisture is present – in both new and old properties of every kind. And while many mold spores can be harmless, others have been linked to a host of health problems, from sinus infections and allergies to respiratory problems such as asthma to serious central nervous system disorders. Most inspections are conducted to identify, characterize, and assess mold hazards and determine if remedial action is needed.

Identifying Mold Hazards

  • Visible mold growth
  • Musty odors
  • Water stains and leaks
  • Dry rot, mildew or fungi
  • Condensation on windows and sills
  • Standing water at, near or below the building

Hazmat Inspections

Environmental hazards can cause issues for everyone associated with a property during any phase of the property’s life, including development, (re)financing, renovation, demolition, daily operation, and transfer (sale).

Purpose of Environmental Site Assessments

  • Identifying hazardous materials before demolition, renovation, or excavation
  • Performing hazard characterization of materials before disposal
  • Assessing exposure risks to individuals and the environment

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